Our Painting Warranty

When you undertake a major expense, as a house painting job can be, you should feel confident that someone will be there to pick up the ball if something goes wrong.

We, at VIVID Painting Co, take great pride and care in creating long-lasting paint jobs. However, in an unlikely event that there is a problem with a painting job we did for you, you can call us and have the problem corrected.



VIVID Painting Co warrants labor and material for a period of two years. If paint failure appears, we will supply labor and materials to correct the condition without cost. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied. Our responsibility is limited to correcting the condition as indicated above. This is an important part of our commitment to those we serve. We believe this warranty helps our clients have confidence and peace of mind when choosing us. You have every reason to feel good about your decision to call VIVID Painting Co!


The warranty does not, however, cover:

·      Mold, mildew, and other water damage

·      Damage caused by building shifts

·      Wood rot

·      Metals that have disintegrated / rusted

·      Temperature changes

·      Paint matching—it is not always possible to find a perfect match

·      Consequential or incidental damages caused by accident or abuse

·      Nail pops or cracks caused by expansion and/or contraction. Cracks will be properly prepared as indicated at time of job but will not be covered under this warranty.

·      Dark paint colors ie. Black and dark gray 

VIVID Painting Co will not charge a labor fee for fixing problems with the paint job where all these conditions apply. If the original client has sold the property or otherwise parted with it, the warranty will not apply. We will only conduct repairs as per our warranty agreement with the original customer served. Our repairs will not exceed those expressed in the estimate originally provided, and we will only repair areas where peeling / blistering occurs.

Additionally, these areas are NOT covered by our warranty agreement:

·      Horizontal surfaces

·      Plaster / drywall damage

·      Peeling / blistering in customer-supplied paint

·      Knots that are bleeding

·      Rust

·      Water damage

·      Varnished surfaces on the exterior of the building

·      Previous paint layers that have peeled / blistered

·      Galvanized metals

For this warranty to be effective, you must:

·     Retain a copy of the original contract.

·     Final invoice has been paid in full. 

·     Contact VIVID Painting Co by phone, at 360-531-0968, so that we can arrange for an inspection of your property, explain the nature and extent of the covered repairs and plan for performing on the needed work.

·     Make the property accessible to us, to perform the repairs.